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Why Foreign Company Should Choose Serviced Office

Administrator 2015-06-08

Expanding business to other country is a great way to develop the company. To pursue that goal, many foreign companies come to Indonesia and set up an office in Jakarta since it is the capital city. Of course, setting up an office is not a simple and cheap thing to do. For foreign startups and small companies, setting up a whole office does not seem like a good option. Fortunately, service office Jakarta[1]  is a viable option.


Service office Jakarta is known as an office space rental which is managed by a facility management company for any company that rent the office space. The rental system may vary depends on what you need, whether it is an individual office room only or a whole floor with several rooms.


So, why it is better for foreign companies to choose service office than setup a whole office building? Below are several considerations why foreign startups and small companies ought to choose it.



Building an office start from a scratch is a very heavy task. The company does not only have to take care of the administrative permit with the government, it also should provide much more money to build the building.


Since your company’s need is just formality of an office, why don’t you rent an office room for your company? It is surely cost efficient to have an office room without the need to build it or do the maintenance for a whole building.


Flexible Contract

Due to the characteristic of foreign startup companies which is still shaping the business model and busy to deal with many things, service office is a good choice because the contract is very flexible.


You can terminate it anytime you want. If you think your company cannot develop well in a particular location where you rent the office, you can just terminate the contract and move to another location.


Complete Service

One of the most beneficial privileges from service office Jakarta is the complete service that you can get if you rent an office room. Dedicated receptionist, meeting rooms, secretarial support, and implementation of cutting edge technologies for your business are all you would get.


Aside those benefits of using service office Jakarta, choosing the wrong service office will only get you to incompetent staff with no good English. Therefore, a good serviced office is absolutely important. One of the examples is Arwana Serviced Office in Kuningan, South Jakarta which provides competent staffs and high-quality office rooms and services.




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