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The Importance of Virtual Office’s Location

Administrator 2015-06-02

Today’s internet technology allows us to connect everything easily from anywhere. Almost every aspect of life such as education, business industry, and personal life rely heavily on how technology connects each of those aspects. In business industry, connected world makes it possible for employees to do their job from anywhere they are.


Practically, it seems you are no longer need to have a physical office anymore. However, you still need to be in an office room for some formal activities such as mailing and meeting. Therefore, the need of virtual office is unavoidable. Especially when you think about to have a virtual office space Jakarta[1] , the location is very important.


There are several reasons why the location of your virtual office is important. Most people think that wherever their virtual offices are based, it will not matter to their business. Ironically, this thought is completely wrong. The most important things related to virtual office’s location are postal code and area code of virtual office’s phone number.


Clients or customers will spot your office location in an instant by knowing your postal and area codes. Even though they do not realize that it is a virtual office, if they know your business is based in a major city, in this case is Jakarta, or somewhere of strategic location, it will automatically boost your company’s credibility. Also, your virtual office’s location is a way to impress your clients and customers.


If you need to hold a meeting, virtual office space Jakarta gives you easy access since it is located in the capital city of Indonesia. Whether your company is a startup foreign or local business, meeting in Jakarta allows you to access governmental building easily after urgent meeting related to regulators.


An example is Arwana Serviced Office, a working space right in the heart of Jakarta’ Central Business District. Being in the middle of business district allows your company boosts its productivity. A meeting is not just a meeting, but it can be followed up with concrete actions.


Choosing the right location is not a trifling matter if you really know how location gives impact to your business. Although there are numbers of office space Jakarta you can rent, make sure you choose the most strategic location. Remember, location can give great impact for your company.




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