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Easy Ways to Set Up Virtual Office

Administrator 2015-05-04

Working remotely is somewhat popular today. People no longer need to go to the office to do their job. Technology advancement has made it possible to stay connected with colleague from work and complete the tasks without the needs to be in the same place at the same time.


All working neccesarity can be fulfilled through virtual office. If you are in Jakarta and looking for office space Jakarta[1] , you might consider virtual office for your company. If you want to work that way and love the idea of virtual office, it is now time to set up your own virtual office!


Prepare The Technology

Virtual office relies heavily on technology, mainly digital technology. Therefore, first thing you need to do is provide the computers and mobile gadget with the latest technology you can afford. With a computer or laptop and some productivity software, you are ready for the task like if you were at the office. Mobile technology can be represented by smartphone. With that, you can still keep in touch when be needed. You can even do some jobs with it.


Setup Cloud Environment

Working remotely is all about documents sharing. What makes work easier when people are not in the same site is the easiness to send a file, review a work, and access data from and to the same source. At this point, cloud system environment is a must. However, to make everything works smoothly, a good connectivity is a must. Wi-Fi is preferable anywhere you work, and stick with 3G or 4G when you are in mobile.


Arrange a Virtual Team and a Virtual Workplace

It is not so different with establishing physical office. You also need to have physical address, hot desk, telephone, fax, and mailing address. That is the reason you need to make a virtual team and a virtual workplace. Even so, this can be so expensive and time-consuming, especially for small startup companies.


Provide Physical Space in Case of Physical Meeting

Sometimes, you can not avoid physical meeting to discuss some serious matter. Therefore, preparing a place to conduct physical meeting is a great idea. You can actually use any comfortable place like cafe or restaurant, but if you can afford, you can rent an office space Jakarta.


Setting up a virtual office is not hard as long as you know what to do, prepare, and provide. No need to worry for work performance, a well-setup virtual office can give the same productivity as physical office in common. Once again, virtual office is the best solution.




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Access date: 29 April 2015